Ph.D. Students


Chen Feng, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Chen Feng received his B.ASc. in Automotive Engineering from University of Windsor, ON, Canada, in 2012. Since 2012 he had been studying at the Centre for Advanced Coating Technology at University of Toronto. In 2014, he received his M.ASc, and thesis entitled “ Using thermal spray technology to make heat spreaders for LED cooling”. Now, he is a Ph. D. candidate at CACT and is working on a vapor chamber project. His research interests are in the area of thermal spraying, flow in porous media, analytical heat transfer modeling, and design and characterization of heat spreaders.


Pengyun Xu, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Pengyun Xu obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from China University of Petroleum in 2011 and 2014 respectively, with a master thesis focusing on “laser cladding on cast iron”. In September 2014, he enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies under the supervision of Prof. Javad Mostaghimi and Prof. Thomas W. Coyle. His Ph.D. project focuses on “Fabrication of superhydrophobic ceramic coatings via solution precursor plasma spray under atmospheric and low-pressure conditions”. His research interests are coating fabrications via powder plasma spray, suspension plasma spray and solution precursor plasma spray including superhydrophobic coatings, thermal barrier coatings, and SOFC electrolytes, etc

Jordan Bio

Jordan Bouchard, P.Eng., Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Jordan received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2008 and started working for engineering design firms providing building mechanical engineering services. He enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Toronto in 2013 and received his MASc from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry in 2015. In the same year he enrolled to pursue a PhD at the University of Toronto within the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering with the Centre of Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT). He researches the use of porous media beds for the rapid evaporation of water. How the heat flux from the media changes in the successive layers in the bed, the optimization of the heat transfer, and the two-phase flow within the media bed are all subjects of the study.

Morteza Javid

S. Morteza Javid, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Morteza completed his BASc and MASc in Mechanical Engineering from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. During his master's degree, he studied the effect of gas bubbling on enhancing shear force in an ultrafiltration (UF) process in a flat sheet module. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate interested in agglomeration and sintering of yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) submicron particles during flight in suspension plasma spray.


Elham Dalir, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Elham Dalir is a member of CACT research group in University of Toronto's Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department. She started her PhD in September 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Javad Mostaghimi. She is currently working on three-dimensional modeling of existing plasma torches using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques and designing and testing a new torch. She received her MASc in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada in 2016. Her master’s thesis entitled “Three-Dimensional Modeling of Arc Voltage Fluctuations in Suspension Plasma Spraying”. During her MASc, she simulated the plasma arc voltage fluctuations to see how it could affect the heating and acceleration of the injected powders into the plasma jet. Her research interests are in Multiphase Flow and Thermal Spray, Advanced Coating Technologies, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer.

Khalil Sidawi

Khalil Sidawi, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Khalil Sidawi received his Bachelor of Engineering (Nuclear Engineering) from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (2014). He received his MASc in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (2016) within the area of thermalhydraulics. Currently, he is completing his PhD in mechanical engineering under the supervision of Dr. Sanjeev Chandra, with a research focus on droplet impact and spray behavior. The research aims to improve understanding of paint spray and deposition and is in collaboration with polycon industries.

Azadeh Vahedi

Azadeh Vahedi, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Azadeh Vahedi received her MSc in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch from Tehran, Iran in 2013 within the area of Magnetic properties of Ceramics. Prior to that she obtained over 3 years of industrial experiences in production of tiles and ceramics as a R&D manager. She has started her work at CACT as a research assistant from 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Javad Mostaghimi. Her thesis project focuses on “improvement of photocatalytic property of Fe3O4-TiO2- RGO core-shell nanoparticles” for antibacterial surfaces. During the last two years, she worked in collaboration with Cell & system Biology department on two different topics as well: 1-Investigation on Biocidal activity and repeatability of titanium dioxide coating under UV and ambient light. 2-Laboratory and Field tests on Antibacterial Sink trap: Investigating on the bactericidal activity of the charged copper-lined siphon trap against the DH5α Escherichia coli strain for various exposure time lengths.

Ramaraju Varma

Ramgopal varma Ramaraju, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Ramgopal varma Ramaraju obtained his Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering in the years 2004, 2007 and 2012 respectively from JNT University, Hyderabad, India.  Ramgopal’s earlier research focused on evaluating,  the interfacial heat transfer coefficients in a metal casting both numerically and experimentally, performance of nano-coolants in an automobile, thermal post-buckling load carrying capacity of structural members, the residual stress in FS welded joints, performance of friction stir processed joints by addition of nanoparticles at the joint interface. Ramgopal worked as a faculty member in community colleges in Canada and Malaysia from 2012 to 2017. Ramgopal received a gold medal for his project on nano-coolants at an International level technical exhibition in the year 2015. Currently, as a graduate researcher, his research is focused on developing micro and mini channeled heat exchangers using thermal spray technologies and evaluating their performance numerically and experimentally as well.

Xiaoman Guo

Xiaoman Guo, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Xiaoman Guo obtained her B.Sc. and M.Sc. of Instrument Science and Technology from Harbin Institute of Technology, China, in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Her master's research was about “Radiation temperature and emissivity measurement technique based on spectroscopic diagnosis”. In September 2018, she started her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Javad Mostaghimi. Now her research interests are about the performance analysis of ICP-OES/MS, diagnostic method, and the applications of ICP-OES/MS in the areas of biomedical and chemistry.

Amine Kouta

Amine Kouta, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Amine completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Balamand in Lebanon and his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia. His Master’s thesis focused mainly on the optimization of solar powered cogeneration systems which resulted in two published papers in Energy related journals. He has over 4 years of experience working in design and consulting in the infrastructure field. Amine commenced his work in the Ph.D. program in September 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Sanjeev Chandra. His current research focus is in the area of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

M.A.Sc. Students

Nick Lipson

Nick Lipson, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Nick Lipson graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario (2016) with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2016 he started his MASc in the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies under the supervision of Professor Sanjeev Chandra doing experimental fluid mechanics and heat transfer. He is currently investigating the impact and heat transfer between fluids (droplets) and heated sintered porous media.

Marina Curak

Marina Curak, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Marina received her BASc from the University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering in 2016, specializing in energy and mechatronics. During her undergrad, she gained automotive industry experience at Magna and as well as research experience at the University of Toronto’s Combustion Research Lab. In 2016 she started her MASc in experimental fluid mechanics, specifically focusing on the interaction of solid particles in surface tension driven flows. The goal of this research is to understand which factors cause colour changes in automotive metallic paint.

Patrick Mirek

Patrick Mirek, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Patrick Mirek obtained his B.A.Sc. with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. During his bachelors, Patrick worked as a summer research assistant with funding provided by a NSERC USRA award in the Multiphase Flow and Spray Systems Laboratory under professor Nasser Ashgriz where he performed investigational testing on a prototype spray-particle measurement device. Patrick joined CACT in 2017 as an M.A.Sc. research student with a research focus on the design of a novel industrial scale RF-ICP (radio frequency inductively coupled plasma) torch, primarily being done through computational fluid dynamic simulations. His main research interests are in the computational modeling of natural (i.e. fluids) and artificial (i.e. financial) systems.

Hugo Caouette-Fritsch

Hugo Caouette-Fritsch, M.A.Sc. Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Hugo Caouette-Fritsch received his materials engineering degree from McGill University in 2017 and subsequently began his M.A.Sc. degree at the University of Toronto in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. His current research revolves around the use of solution precursor plasma spray to produce novel molybdenum-graphene supercapacitor electrodes.

Graeme Hay

Graeme Kevin Hay, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Graeme Kevin Hay graduated from Ottawa University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering and started working in industrial research and development with a focus on plasma torch design, gasification technologies and plasma treatment of exotic waste at Plasco Energy Group. Graeme has also worked at CNL as a technical planner exploring technologies for disposing of Canada’s Nuclear Waste. Graeme has returned to academia to pursue a MASc at the University of Toronto Mechanical Engineering Department exploring advance plasma applications under Professor Javad Mostaghimi.

Bobby Ananad

Bobby Anand, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Bobby Anand received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honors (B.Eng) from Ryerson University in 2017. During his undergraduate degree, Bobby performed 2 years of research in the field of environmental and mechanical engineering after receiving consecutive awards from NSERC USRA. Shortly after, in 2017 he began his M.A.Sc. in the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) under the supervision of Prof. Sanjeev Chandra. His work consists of studying the nature of metallization techniques used on various polymer substrates for industrial applications.

Sudarshan Devaraj

Sudarshan Devaraj, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Sudarshan Devaraj received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Trichy, India, in May 2018. Sudarshan joined CACT in September 2018 as an M.A.Sc. research student under the supervision of Prof. Sanjeev Chandra. His research focus is on the metallization of polymer surfaces using thermal spray technologies. In the summer of 2017, he worked in the thermal spray laboratory of Concordia University, Montreal as a research intern under the supervision of Prof. Christian Moreau. He worked on tailoring the porosity for polymer infiltration in stainless steel coatings. Sudarshan is also a recipient of the Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowship.

Ariana Khakpour

Ariana Khakpour, M.A.Sc. Student, Mechanical Engineering

Ariana Khakpour received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University in April 2018. Ariana is currently pursuing M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Sanjeev Chandra. Ariana Khakpour has worked as a research assistant during his undergraduate studies and co-authored a research paper which is published in the Journal of Material Processing Technology. Ariana has worked in the industry for 16 months as an engineering intern. He worked in the Mechanical Reliability field and has experience in Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), Vibration, Shock, and Thermal Cycling tests. Ariana’s research interests include advanced coating and thermal spraying, surface integrity, heat and mass transfer, high efficiency heat exchangers, and behaviour of materials at elevated temperatures.