Master of Applied Science and Master of Engineering Alumni

AlumnusDegreeYear of GraduationTitle of Thesis
S. DevarajM.A.Sc.2020Fabrication of Lightweight Polymer Composite Materials Using Electric Wire-Arc Spraying Process
P. MirekM.A.Sc.2019Novel Industrial Scale Radio Frequency Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch
B. AnandM.A.Sc.2019Thermal Spray Deposition of Metals on Polymer Substrates
G. K. HayM.A.Sc.2019A Comparative Study of Different Plasma Gases on Twin Wire Arc Spray Characteristics
M. CurakM.A.Sc.2018Colour Variation in Automotive Paint Films
N. LipsonM.A.Sc.2018The Collision of Water and n-Heptane Droplets on Heated Sintered Porous Stainless-Steel Surfaces
S. FarnaghiM.A.Sc.2017Temperature Control of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Thermal Cyclers
R. ShafaghiM.A.Sc.2016Sporcidal Efficacy Of Thermal Spray Copper Alloy Coatings
Y. CaiM.A.Sc.2015Super-hydrophobic Ceramic Coatings by Solution Precursor Plasma Spray
D. GillM.A.Sc.2015Copper Foam Heat Sinks
C. FengM.A.Sc.2014Using Thermal Spray Technology to Make Heat Spreaders for LED Cooling
Z. GaoM.Eng.2012Study of Internal Flows in Centrifugal Pumps
A. FarrokhpanahM.A.Sc.2012Applying Contact Angle to a Two-Dimensional SPH Model on a GPU Platform
S. DadavarM.A.Sc.2012Impact and Adhesion of Molten Wax Droplets on Porous Polymer Surfaces
R. RezaeyM.A.Sc.2012High Temperature Gas to Liquid Metal Foam and Wire Mesh Heat Exchangers
O. SamadiM.Eng.2011Metal Coatings on Organic Substrates
N. GirshaM.Eng.2011High Power Plasma Torch Optimization
P. ZahediM.A.Sc.2011Tritium Removal Facility High Tritium Distillation Simulation
M. KadouraM.A.Sc.2011The Formation and Drying of Thin Paint Films Sprayed on a Solid Surface
P. VadwalaM.A.Sc.2011Thermal Energy Storage in Copper Foams Filled with Paraffin Wax
N. TsolasM.A.Sc.2010Thermal Spray Forming of High-Efficiency Metal Foam Heat Exchangers
N. ShahrestaniM.A.Sc.2009Surface Modification for Digital Microfluidic Devices
N. MuljiM.A.Sc.2009Investigating the mechanisms of rupture and dewetting of quiescent liquid films
T. WuM.A.Sc.2008A 2D Model of Semi-molten Drop Impact for Thermal Spray Application
E. LinM.A.Sc.2008Internal Lining of High Viscosity Fluid In Pipes; An Experimental Study
B. AvdicevicM.A.Sc.2007A parallel, three-dimensional and two-fluid interfacial flow code with applications to pulsed-water jets
Y. HeichalM.A.Sc.2005Measuring Contact Resistance under Molten Metal Drops
A. GoghariM.A.Sc.2005Generator to produce small molten metal drops
C. BaiM.A.Sc.2005Electro-discharge Water Jet
A. AbediniM.A.Sc.2004Splat and Coating Formation by Wire Arc Sprayed Aluminum
V. FoutsisM.A.Sc.2004Producing Small Metal Droplets with a Pneumatic Droplet Generator
M. RaessiM.A.Sc.2003Modeling density variation due to phase change during droplet
Z. SultanaM.A.Sc.2003A preconditioned iterative parallel solver for the incompressible navier-stokes equations
M. FangM.A.Sc.2003Rapid prototyping by deposition of molten metal droplets
R. DhimanM.A.Sc.2003Coating formation by sequential impact of molten tin droplets
K. ShahbaziM.A.Sc.2002Remapping Volume Tracking on Triangular Meshes
S. ChengM.A.Sc.2002Development of a molten metal droplet generator for rapid prototyping
M. HadyM.A.Sc.2002The effect of plasma turbulent temperature fluctuations on particle heating
Z. YangM.A.Sc.2002Effect of substrate temperature and shape on molten metal droplet impact dynamics
A. EspahbodM.A.Sc.2002Low speed liquid stream break-up due to a pressure pulse
S. ComelloM.Eng.2001Creation and Analysis of Nickel Aluminide Foams
M. LufithaM.A.Sc.2001Effect of substrate temperature on coating adhesion
S. SalimpourM.Eng.2000Coating Characterization
A. BahramiM.A.Sc.2000Evaluation of Thermal Spray Coatings with Peel Adhesion Test "Pat"
S. ShakeriM.A.Sc.2000Effect of substrate properties on molten metal droplet impact
P. EtemadiM.A.Sc.1999Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition of Crystalline Diamond Films
I. ThomsonM.A.Sc.1999Development and application of a diagnostic system for plasma spraying
K. KermaniM.Eng.1998Numerical Modelling of a HVOF Thermal Spray Torch
S. D. AzizM.A.Sc.1998Impact velocity and surface temperature effects on the collision of a molten tin droplet on a solid surface
J. KimM.A.Sc.1997Minimum Sustaining Power in rf ICPS
R. BholaM.A.Sc.1997Impact and freezing of molten tin droplets on a solid surface
C. M. TsangM.A.Sc.1997Analysis of pleated air filters using computational fluid dynamics
D. AtkinsonM.A.Sc.1997Enhancement of air filters using non-ionizing electrostatic fields
M. MasriM.A.Sc.1996Construction of an Electronic Imaging System for Plasma Processing
L. ZhangM.A.Sc.1994Optical Emission Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Atmospheric Microwave Plasma
H. Bastani-PariziM.A.Sc.1993Chemical Kinetic Calculations of the Gas Phase in Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition of Diamond
J. W. BuckelM.A.Sc.1993Hot wire ignition of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures
K. SobolewskiM.A.Sc.1992Particle Deposition on Steam Tube Banks in Kraft Recovery Boilers
F. ChabchoubM.A.Sc.1992Mathematical Modelling and Experimental Measurements on the Horizontal OHNO Continuous Casting Process
M. El HageM.A.Sc.1988Étude de modélisation de plasma HF en écoulement turbulent
Z. NjahM.A.Sc.1988Modélisation mathématique de I’interaction d’un jet  avec un écoulement Isotherme et non-isotherm