Cameras and Imaging Devices


Photron FASTCAM SA5 High Speed Camera

Our FASTCAM SA5 delivers mega-pixel resolution at 7,500 fps, a maximum frame rate of 1000,000 fps, and a 369 ns shutter capability. 

Variable Region of Interest (ROI)

Equivalent ISO light sensitivity 10,000 (monochrome)

Gigabit Ethernet interface

Infrared Camera

SC5000 High Speed Infrared Camera

The SC5000 camera is especially designed for the most demanding users of infrared technology, carrying out thermal and radiometric measurements with the greatest sensitivity, precision and speed. The  etector with the format 320x256 offers the greatest sensitivity, while keeping an extraordinary dynamic range as well as a perfect linearity. The image frequency is programmable. The integration time is adjustable 3 μs to 20000 μs, programmable, 1 μs step.

Spectral response 3.6-5.1 μm

Frame rate 5Hz to 120Hz Full Frame