ICP Optical Spectrometer and Plasma Characterization Setup

CACT is equiped with two ICP generation systems including free-running radio-frequency generators (Colpitts type, 40 MHz nominal frequency) and analytical ICP torches. A mid-resolution 0.55 m focal length optical spectrometer (Triax550 + CCD3000, Horiba JY, USA) is used for ICP-OES in the UV-VIS region, plasma diagnostics, and measurement of various plasma parameters such as excitation/ionization/rotational temperature, electron number density, robustness, etc. For sample introduction to the ICP torch we have pneumatic concentric nebulizers, spray chambers, microflow nebulizer, peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, and a piezoelectric microdrop generator for introduction of monodisperse sample droplets. 


ICP generation system + optical spectrometer