Doctor of Philosophy Alumni

AlumnusDegreeYear of GraduationTitle of Thesis
E. DalirPh.D.2021Numerical Modeling of Suspension Plasma Spraying Process
S. M. JavidPh.D.2021Drying of a Single Suspension Droplet in Suspension Plasma Spray: Numerical and Experimental Study
P. XuPh.D.2019Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Ceramic Coatings via Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process Under Atmospheric and Low-pressure Conditions
C. FengPh.D.2019Fabrication of Thermal Management Devices Using Thermal Spray Technology
S. AlaviPh.D.2018New approaches to high efficiency inductively coupled plasma for analytical atomic spectrometry
A. FarrokhpanahPh.D.2017Numerical Solution to Phase Change Problem: Application to Suspension Plasma Spray Coatings
J. EsmaeelpanahPh.D.2017Modelling Air Bubble Entrapment and Transport in Sprayed Liquid Films
R. RezaeyPh.D.2017Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer in Laser Sintered and Wire Mesh Heat Exchangers
E. ArdakaniPh.D.2016Numerical and Experimental Studies of Arc Fluctuations in Plasma Torch
S. SalavatiPh.D.2016Development of dense Inconel 625 coatings by Air plasma spraying and Twin Arc spraying processes by on metallic foam structures
A. DaliliPh.D.2016Liquid Film Formation by Spray and Droplet Impact on a Solid Surface
P. HafeezPh.D.2016Heat Transfer in Metal Foam Heat Exchangers at High Temperature
N. SaranjamPh.D.2016Transport Phenomena in Drying Paint Films
M. TaheriPh.D.2015Foam Heat Exchangers
S. HosseiniPh.D.2014Droplet Impact and Penetration onto Structured Pore Network Geometries
S.A. EsfarajaniPh.D.2013A numerical platform for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes by RF plasma technology
L. ChenPh.D.2013High Power DC Torch
B. SamarehPh.D.2012Modeling Three-Dimensional Flow and Heat Transfer in Variable Surface Tension Two-Phase Flows
Z. SultanaPh.D.2012Finite Element Simulation of Interfacial Flows on Unstructured Meshes Using a Second-Order Accurate VOF Method
H. MontazeriPh.D.2010A consistent numerical method for simulating interfacial turbulent flows
A. KashaniPh.D.2010Aerosol characterization and analytical modelling of concentric pneumatic and flow focusing nebulizers for sample introduction in inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
A. GoghariPh.D.2010Producing Small Droplets of Aqueous Solutions and Molten Metals Using a Pneumatic Droplet Generator
H. LiuPh.D.2009Study of Non-equilibrium Rapid Solidification of Pure Metal and Binary Alloy
F. AzarmiPh.D.2008Sandwich Structure for High Temperature Applications: Microstuctural Development and Mechanical Performance
M. RaessiPh.D.2008On Modeling Surface Tension Dominant, Large Density Ratio, Two Phase Flows
M. FangPh.D.2008Rapid prototyping by deposition of molten metal droplets
S. Ri LiPh.D.2008Droplet Deposition in Solid Ink Printing
R. DhimanPh.D.2008Splashing and breakup of droplets impacting on a solid surface
A. PourmousaPh.D.2007Wire-arc spraying System: Particle Production, Transport, and Deposition
A. MoradianPh.D.2007Surface Tensiometry at High Temperatures
M. XuePh.D.2007An extended numerical model for predicting the microstructure of thermal spray coatings
J. LibingPh.D.2007Design and analysis of a low-temperature oxygen-fuel spray system
R. SoltaniPh.D.2007Thermo-mechanical behaviour of plasma sprayed ytria-stabilized zirconia thermal barrier coatings
L. JiaPh.D.2007Design and analysis of a low-temperature oxygen-fuel spray system
A. McDonaldPh.D.2006Visualization and analysis of the impact of plasma-sprayed particles
H.R. SalimijaziPh.D.2005Microstructural Development and Mechanical Properties of the Vacuum Plasma Sprayed Ti-6A1
Y. ShanPh.D.2004A Stochastic spray model for rf-ICP frequency plasma Frequency
G. GaoPh.D.2004Modeling and Diagnostics of Atmospheric RF ICP
R. Ghafouri-AzarPh.D.2003Thermal Spray Coating Formation
V. MehdinejadPh.D.2003Modelling Flow and Heat Transfer in Two-Fluid Interfacial Flows
A. DolatabadiPh.D.2002HVOF Spray
N. MehdizadehPh.D.2002Droplet impact dynamics: Effect of varying substrate temperature, roughness and droplet velocity
Q. CuiPh.D.2001The effect of dissolving salts or gases in water sprayed on a hot surface
H. Bastani-ParisiPh.D.1999Thermal Desorption of Hydrogen with Phase Transition: Statistical Rate Theory Approach
M. BussmannPh.D.1999A three dimensional model of an impacting droplet
M. Pasandideh-FardPh.D.1998Droplet Impact and Solidification in a Thermal Spray Process
M. JankovicPh.D.1996Study of Atmospheric Plasma Spray Process with the Emphasis on Gas Shrouded Nozzles.
Y. M. QiaoPh.D.1996Effect of gravity and surfactants on spray cooling of a hot surface
C. MingPh.D.1994Mesure et modélisation de l’interaction d’un jet turbulent avec écoulement Plasma
Z. NjahPh.D.1992Etude laminaire et turbulente du melange d’un ou plusieurs jets latéraux avec un écoulement a haute temperature